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About Us

The purpose of the College and Young Professionals Ministry is to develop young adults to be world visionary, world impacting, disciple makers wherever they go in life. Our desire is to see young adults in this generation become so in love with the Lord Jesus Christ that for the rest of their lives, whether it be on the mission field or in the office, they are impacting the world for Christ daily with how they live their lives.


Suite 104:

3121 Bartlett Corporate Dr.
#104 Bartlett, TN 38133

This is our new off-campus location. It is located just 2 miles from the church in the Bartlett Corporate Park. This is where the majority of our ministry takes place. It is open 3 days a week for students to come study, hang out, drink coffee, watch tv/movies, or just get away. It is also where we have our Sunday morning connection classes as well as our Wednesday night service called Exchange. Come check it out. More information is listed below.

College Connection Class


Accra, Ghana

When: May 12 -21
What: We have the opportunity to serve directly with The Pearl House in Ghana. Over the last several years, Faith has played a small part in this orphan-prevention ministry. God is using The Pearl House to rescue girls from underprivileged and often violent home-lives. Now, this year, is our first chance to take a small team to serve in highly relational ways. Missionaries’ primary focus will be spending time with and loving on the twenty girls who live at The Pearl House. These girls range in age from 10-18 and often need help with homework, someone to play games with or sometimes someone to with whom to simply sit and read. We will also go into local villages in order to build relationships and provide felt-needs to families in need while also encouraging them in their faith and sharing the Gospel.
Who: College Students & Adults
Leadership: Josh Sinquefield
Approx. Cost: $2,100
Team Size: 10-12
Deposit Deadline: $300 – 1/31/16

Chimaltenango, Guatemala

When: May 27 – June 2
What: Our team will build homes in the San Jacinto village-area and minister to local communities alongside GRACE – Guatemala Relief And Compassion Effort. Each year brings new and exciting opportunities, but our primary focus is to love on families in need by building homes. The holistic effort goes beyond hammer and nails as we play with their children, share our testimonies and ultimately share stories of the love of Jesus. We will also have the chance to serve The Dream Center – a ministry of GRACE – which will include loving on and playing with elementary aged children.
Who: Adults & Families
(we ask children no younger than 10 and all children accompanied by parent or guardian)
Leadership: Stephen Brannon
Approx. Cost: $1,350
Team Size: 15-20
Deposit Deadline: $200 – 2/10/16

Peja, Kosovo

When: June 16 - 25
What: We will continue working in a village named Loxha (Low-zha), outside of Peja (Pay-yah), Kosovo. Most of the people in the village make their living throughfarming, and currently there is an outreach project in the village raising jalapeno peppers to help poor families. Though the people ofthe village consider themselves Muslim, they have been very sympathetic to the gospel. We will augment the work of the missionariesthere through programs designed for children, teenagers, and adults. Kids Camp will be held in the local school yard each morning to reach children and teenagers. As relationships are built, afternoons are reserved for in-home “coffee visits” to further develop opportunities with youth and adults. In the evenings, we will participate in adult Bible studies that have been formed following previous visits.The team will also be participating in ministry in the city of Peja. The local missionaries operate a bakery/coffeehouse as a venue to meet and have conversations with the locals. Team members may be assigned to assist with outreach ministries centered around this business. In-home coffee visits may be included with this ministry. Historically, the team has also completed some light construction projects for the missionaries, the proprietor of the lodging site, and the school in Loxha. Similar projects may develop as the need is made known.
Who: High School Students, College Students and Adults
Leadership: Cliff Norville & Clark Whitney
Approx. Cost: $2,200
Team Size: 15 - 20
Deposit Deadline: $300 – 1/31/16

Porto, Portugal

When: June 20 – 27
What: This mission trip is a one week camp that helps spread the Gospel and builds contacts within the community. You will build relationships with the Portuguese through sports and ESL ministries, leading to share the Gospel and then connecting people with local believers. This is an official International World Changers (IMB) trip that serves alongside Andy & Michelle Milam. Led by Bro. Brett Frazier – in partnership with First Baptist Church Pampa, TX and other youth groups from around the country – this is an exceptionally fun mission trip as God is using American Football as a platform to build relationships and share the Gospel.
Who: High School, College Students and Adults
Leadership: Bro. Brett Frazier
Approx. Cost: $1,900
Team Size: 8-10
Deposit Deadline: $300 – 1/31/16


Tuesday Nights at 7:30 at Suite 104

Incredible worship combined with life changing bible study creates an opportunity for us to remain close to God on a weekly basis as we live lives that rest in Him. Exchange is a great place to meet new friends and engage in healthy community and also be challenged in your walk with Christ and encourage you to grow weekly in your faith.
On any given Wednesday night, you will find Suite 104 full of twenty-somethings who are either students or young adults gathered in community. Typically folks start coming in around 7:45 and hanging out around some great coffee. Worship usually ends around 9:15. Come check us out!

The Bridge