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"Yes, you! You are the means by which the love of God is scattered all over the world."
- Palmer Chinchen


It has been said that short term missions opens the eyes of the soul; this truth, along with the opportunity to show and share the Gospel to a lost and dying world makes short term trips at Faith very exciting. Our passion is to strengthen existing evangelical efforts and create new efforts all over the globe for the cause of Christ. We believe in relational partnerships and anticipate reconnecting with current mission partners year after year to experience the fruits of salvation and discipleship.


The Missions Ministry at Faith aspires to be good stewards of the finances we have been entrusted with by our church family. Any and all financial process has been carefully put in place with that goal in mind.

Estimated mission trip dates and cost made available December of the preceding year.
Interest Meetings will take place 150 days (5 months) before the trip

  • 30 days (1 month) before sign-up deadline.
  • These meetings are co-led by the Missions Pastor and the team leader; the purpose is to give more specific detail and answer any questions that may exist.
Payment Schedule
  • FIRST 1/4th the cost of the trip is due at the time of sign-up as a nonrefundable deposit.
  • No later than the sign-up deadline, 120 days (4 months) before the trip
  • SECOND 1/4th the cost of the trip is due 3 months before the trip
  • THIRD 1/4th the cost of the trip is due 60 days before the trip
  • or the cost of the plane ticket, whichever is greater
  • FINAL 1/4th the cost of the trip due no later than 30 days before the trip
Any amount received in excess of the cost for the trip will be designated, by the missionary, for other trip expenses or be transferred to the Faith On Mission Offering.


The Missions Ministry at Faith completely understands that in current circumstances, a short-term mission trip can be a large financial commitment. The following options are ways we trust our short-term missionaries can meet their financial needs:

Faith On Mission: Support Letter
This template is a sample letter a short-term missionary can use to help raise awareness of their trip and also ask friends and family to become financial partners. This letter can be used in hardcopy form and mailed or in electronic form and emailed.

Faith On Mission Scholarship Application

Funds are designated annually in the Faith On Mission Offering for members of Faith Baptist who are in need of financial assistance for short-term mission trips. This scholarship exists for anyone who is experiencing a financial situation that would otherwise prevent them from participating. If you are currently raising support for your trip and have been unable to reach the full payment total, please fill out and return the Faith On Mission Scholarship Application and it will be reviewed by Faith On Mission Scholarship Team.