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Jesus called his Church to go the ends of the earth and Make Disciples. We are committed to accomplishing that by praying, giving, and going on mission.

We have strategic partnerships around the Globe that we are currently serving as they extend the Gospel. We are praying also that God would send out from us many people that would give their lives to engaging the nations.

Global Missions Support

Roberto and Andreia Batista
- Ministry partners in Asia. Serving through soccer ministry and training leadership. Southern Brazil, Church Planting Initiative
- Our partnership though Pastor Waldir and his wife Mary Louisa. They lead a network of 6 church plants in Cuiaba, Maceio and Natal.
- Website:

DeepStream Ministries
- Mark and Gina Schmidt minister in Buena Vista, Guatemala. Serving the least of these through education and nutrition. Recently began a middle school-equivalent education center; also minister to families through food distribution, etc.
- Website:

Barry Lane
- Faith Baptist’s leadership to the Javar Valley in northern Brazil. He spends multiple weeks/months a year in Brazil; along with leading efforts locally in the inner city as well.

Amy Rhodes
- Faith member/Faith sent missionary to Asia. She has an intense passion for the plight of women in Asia; also engaging in evangelism in the Tea Market.
- Website:

Jade McKinney
- He and his family are Faith member/Faith sent missionaries to Costa Rica. They have spent the last three months engage the youth of Palmares. Currently they are back stateside raising funds with plans to return to Costa Rica this fall to continue ministry.

Pepper Horn
- He is on leadership staff with Downline Ministries here in Memphis; he helps lead their international discipleship efforts. He has agreed to help lead international efforts with Faith as well, serving as our Global Missions Advocate.
- Website:!/pepper.horn.5

Abundant Life Ministries
- This ministry encompasses two men: Josiah McIntyre and Captain Milton. Josiah and his family are American-born missionaries serving the least of these in the Javar Valley by rescuing girls from human trafficking and are engaged in evangelism. Captain Milton leads a ministry on the Amazon River.
- Website for Josiah:!/josiah.mcintyre.10?fref=ts

Andy and Summer
- This is an indigenous couple in Asia that serves alongside Roberto and Andrea. Though it is often dangerous, they have committed their lives to leadership training.

Jonathan Mays
- Jonathan and his family are missionary in the Pacific Rim. Serving in the islands in an effort to reach Unreached and Unengaged People Groups (UUPGs).

Pastor Erwin Osorio
- Pastor Erwin leads a church planting initiative in Nicaragua. Throughout the city-area of Leon he oversees a network of plants and ministries.
Nazareth School
- Our church is a special sponsoring partner of this evangelical seminary in the heart of the Holy Lands.
- Website:

Kirk and Michelle Lightfield
- Ministry partners for several years, Kirk is on faculty at the Guatemala Bible Seminary in Chimaltenango. They are independent missionaries from the States who also serve as mission-team host for Faith Baptist.
- Website:

Jim and Anne Mills
- Directors of Creative Arts Europe, this ministry’s home base is in Belgium but serves throughout all of Europe. Most specifically, will be focusing ministry to Kosovo in 2013.
- Website:

Ken and Darla Ponath
- Ken leads ministry in western Canada. He is our direct connection and leadership for Faith Builders a numerous opportunities for North American construction ministry.
- Website:

- This is a relatively new partnership. Emmy owns and runs a coffee shop in Thailand. She houses girls who have escaped sex trafficking and are in need of a job to get back on their feet. The shop also engages local college students.

Crosslink International
- Though locally run, a local ministry a ministry that provides medical supplies for churches who are engaging in medical mission trips around the world.

The Kennedy Family
- We give a monthly gift of love to Chad and Karis Kennedy, church members, who serve with the IMB in their offices in London.
- Website:

Hailey Prescott
- This passionate young adult is the Regional Director for Every Ethne - a mission sending ministry for college students and young adults with offices in Birmingham, AL
- Website:

Short Term Missions

Accra, Ghana

When: May 12 -21
What: We have the opportunity to serve directly with The Pearl House in Ghana. Over the last several years, Faith has played a small part in this orphan-prevention ministry. God is using The Pearl House to rescue girls from underprivileged and often violent home-lives. Now, this year, is our first chance to take a small team to serve in highly relational ways. Missionaries’ primary focus will be spending time with and loving on the twenty girls who live at The Pearl House. These girls range in age from 10-18 and often need help with homework, someone to play games with or sometimes someone to with whom to simply sit and read. We will also go into local villages in order to build relationships and provide felt-needs to families in need while also encouraging them in their faith and sharing the Gospel.
Who: College Students & Adults
Leadership: Josh Sinquefield
Approx. Cost: $2,100
Team Size: 10-12
Deposit Deadline: $300 – 1/31/16

Chimaltenango, Guatemala

When: May 27 – June 2
What: Our team will build homes in the San Jacinto village-area and minister to local communities alongside GRACE – Guatemala Relief And Compassion Effort. Each year brings new and exciting opportunities, but our primary focus is to love on families in need by building homes. The holistic effort goes beyond hammer and nails as we play with their children, share our testimonies and ultimately share stories of the love of Jesus. We will also have the chance to serve The Dream Center – a ministry of GRACE – which will include loving on and playing with elementary aged children.
Who: Adults & Families
(we ask children no younger than 10 and all children accompanied by parent or guardian)
Leadership: Stephen Brannon
Approx. Cost: $1,350
Team Size: 15-20
Deposit Deadline: $200 – 2/10/16

Peja, Kosovo

When: June 16 - 25
What: We will continue working in a village named Loxha (Low-zha), outside of Peja (Pay-yah), Kosovo. Most of the people in the village make their living throughfarming, and currently there is an outreach project in the village raising jalapeno peppers to help poor families. Though the people ofthe village consider themselves Muslim, they have been very sympathetic to the gospel. We will augment the work of the missionariesthere through programs designed for children, teenagers, and adults. Kids Camp will be held in the local school yard each morning to reach children and teenagers. As relationships are built, afternoons are reserved for in-home “coffee visits” to further develop opportunities with youth and adults. In the evenings, we will participate in adult Bible studies that have been formed following previous visits.The team will also be participating in ministry in the city of Peja. The local missionaries operate a bakery/coffeehouse as a venue to meet and have conversations with the locals. Team members may be assigned to assist with outreach ministries centered around this business. In-home coffee visits may be included with this ministry. Historically, the team has also completed some light construction projects for the missionaries, the proprietor of the lodging site, and the school in Loxha. Similar projects may develop as the need is made known.
Who: High School Students, College Students and Adults
Leadership: Cliff Norville & Clark Whitney
Approx. Cost: $2,200
Team Size: 15 - 20
Deposit Deadline: $300 – 1/31/16

Porto, Portugal

When: June 20 – 27
What: This mission trip is a one week camp that helps spread the Gospel and builds contacts within the community. You will build relationships with the Portuguese through sports and ESL ministries, leading to share the Gospel and then connecting people with local believers. This is an official International World Changers (IMB) trip that serves alongside Andy & Michelle Milam. Led by Bro. Brett Frazier – in partnership with First Baptist Church Pampa, TX and other youth groups from around the country – this is an exceptionally fun mission trip as God is using American Football as a platform to build relationships and share the Gospel.
Who: High School, College Students and Adults
Leadership: Bro. Brett Frazier
Approx. Cost: $1,900
Team Size: 8-10
Deposit Deadline: $300 – 1/31/16

Aracaju, Brazil

When: Summer 2016
What: As part of a long-running, incredible partnership with Pastor Waldir DeSouza planting churches throughout Brazil, our Music & Worship Ministry will engage in mission alongside church on the east coast. This is our opportunity to share the Gospel in one-on-one conversations and by way of worship and revival services. A naturally beautiful part of the world, Aracaju (Ar-ah-cah-zyu) is in desperate need of authentic joy and love that can only be found in Jesus Christ. Primary ministry during this trip will consist of both personal evangelism and using the worship arts talents God has given us – daily interacting with the Pastor and leadership of local church plants.
Who: Adults
Leadership: John Krotzer & Bro. Terry Easley
Approx. Cost: $2,400
Team Size: 10-15
Deposit Deadline: $300 – 2/10/16

Buena Vista, Guatemala

When: September 17 – 21
What: As part of an ongoing partnership with Educate BV school, this mission team of young adults will serve alongside Mark & Gina Schmidt in Buena Vista. On this trip participants will serve in the context of the school on a daily basis. Loving on teenagers by sharing a meal, playing sports or helping with academics. Missionaries on this team will also have the chance to spend time with extremely poor families in the community through in-home ministry – meeting felt needs and sharing the Gospel.
Who: Young Adults
(we are asking for participants between the approx. age of 20 – 45)
Leadership: Jeremy Pashby & Drew Mefford
Approx Cost: $1,100
Team Size: 8-10
Deposit Deadline: $200 – 4/17/16

The Amazon - Brazil

When: September 20 – 30
What: For the last several years, Faith has been privileged to serve alongside Captain Nilton and his wife sharing the Gospel with people who live in villages on the Amazon River. Located north of Manaus, our ministry focus is through a small local church. It is there we will host Bible Clubs for children and spend time engaging in personal relationships with youth. Our team will also have the chance to meet the physical needs of many families and impoverished people. Evangelism will be a theme throughout the trip as God opens doors of opportunity. Light construction is always a possibility.
Who: Adults
(we ask all participants to have previous mission trip experience)
Leadership: Barry Lane
Approx. Cost: $2,400
Team Size: 3-5
Deposit Deadline: $300 – 4/30/16

Reigate (London), England

When: October 21 - 29
What: Perhaps two of the most beloved missionaries in partnership with Faith, Chad & Karis Kennedy have invited us to come and serve alongside Reigate Baptist Church this year. Long considered “post Christian” Europe is in desperate need of a revival by God. Through this local church our team will have the chance to host VBS holiday club – just like our traditional summer ministry. There’s also opportunity to do light construction or clean up gardens. Now more than ever people in this quiet suburb of London are open to having spiritual conversations and hearing the Gospel. We expect to engage in prayer walking and leading adult Bible studies for both those who are Christ followers and those who aren’t yet believers.
Who: Adults
Leadership: Rachel Walker
Approx. Cost: $2,400
Team Size: 10-12
Deposit Deadline: $300 – 4/17/16

Long Term Missions

We believe the most effective way to reach the world is by sending missionaries into the unreached parts of the world. Many people throughout the world have never heard the message of the Gospel and you may be the person God is asking to share it in a foreign context. Below are links that can help you as you decide what God is calling you to.