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God has placed us in our city for a reason, and each individual member has an integral part in reaching our City. It is our hope that God will raise up people with a heart for our city, county, and region to see Christ proclaimed, to love the poor, and to love our neighbors as much as we love ourselves. The following are the church plants we are currently working alongside.

Engage Memphis Ministries

We believe that Memphis faces an unprecedented opportunity to see the hand of God move and work as we embrace those that Jesus loved most. He loved the hurting, the broken, and the oppressed. Our Urban Ministry Initiative is us believing God to use Faith to engage the urban areas of our city to bring restoration and hope. We plan to do this by partnering and engaging our city with the following ministries.

Local Missions Support

Hope Fellowship
- This ministry is led by Pastor James Williams. He and his wife Sandra engage urban Memphis through ministry at the multi-housing complex, Bent Tree Apartments. They lead efforts such as after school tutoring, meeting basic needs and leading church services on Sundays.
- Website:

Urban Ministries Coordinator
- This staff position is filled by Michael Cassie. Weekly he leads our church’s effort to engage those incarcerated to hear the good news of the Gospel. Also, he leads the K.A.R.E. Ministry here at Faith and will take the ministry off campus in 2013 to the suburbs, inner city and around the County.

International Baptist Church
- A small ministry outpost on Madison Ave. this partnership, led by Warren Knabb, allows our church the privilege to serve the downtown area along with the medical student community.

Engage Memphis Ministry
- This ministry is on the front lines of the inner city by leading our church to love those in our city. Also included in this leadership are Engage Memphis interns. Specific ministry includes Warren Apartments and our Church Plants in the Loop.

Memphis FCA
- Our church’s ministry to the FCA community here in Memphis; every August we host Central High School and Douglas High School at The Grove. Brett Wynne
- Area Director for Campus Outreach at the University of Memphis.
- Website:

JIFF - Juvenile Intervention
- Juvenile Intervention and Faith Based Fellowship – this is a ministry that helps young men throughout Memphis get back on their feet after a season of incarceration; mostly training men in a trade skill and through discipleship – Director Rick Carr is a member of Faith Baptist.
- Website:

SOS - Service Over Self
- Inner city home-restoration ministry in Binghampton.
- Website:

Brinkley Heights
- A church-to-church connection to serve the inner city through this food bank and basic needs ministry. Major partnership in supplying physical needs while engaging in inner city ministry.

Warrior Center
- Men’s residential addiction recovery ministry
- Website:

Fresh Start
- Women’s residential addiction recovery ministry
- Website: