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2018 Care Groups Making An Impact

Care Groups are continuing to go well this fall at Faith. Multiple nights throughout the week, groups gather for prayer, encouragement, laughter, and support. Our Grief Support Care Group is ministering to a variety of loved ones who are overwhelmed by the dark clouds that accompany the sadness of death. My heart is always blessed, however, when I see a person battling grief accompanied by a dear friend or family member. Grief has a way of remaining in a person’s life or showing up whenever we least expect it. The power of a sincere friend or compassionate loved one is priceless. We trust the support and insight we are sharing in this Care Group is being a blessing and a medicine for all these with hurting hearts.

Please be in prayer for our Foster and Adoptive Parents Care Group. Though the group officially began last spring, this fall we are seeing a great number of moms engage in the group. This coming Sunday we will host Matt and Laurel Smith. Matt is a psychologist and the new Clinical Director at the Memphis Family Connection Center. We are all very excited to host this wonderful couple and learn from their wisdom and experience. Often times we as Christ-followers respond by faith to Jesus’s calling on our lives – such as fostering or adopting – but feel our little vessel tossed about on the waves of uncertainty. Simply not having the answer or not knowing exactly where to turn can be overwhelming. This Care Group is a loving place to learn practical and spiritual wisdom to walk by faith.

Battle is being done weekly in the Man’s Battle Plan Care Group. Because of sensitivities and out of respect for the fight, this band of brothers meets during the week and in a rather clandestine way. But don’t let their commitment to privacy fool you. For centuries, since even the days of King Solomon, Satan has primary attacked men with the temptations of wine, women, and wealth. This foxhole is not for the faint of heart – there is no sugarcoating or question-dodging. These men open God’s Word, hold each other accountable, and care for each other with great authenticity. Fighting for purity has never been only a teenager’s game; Faith is excited to see men commit to doing what it takes to be godly men of honor and integrity!

The Love Them to Life Care Group continues strong yet again. I confess I always have mixed emotions about this Group being well attended. My heart is heavy to know there is such an epidemic of drug use and overdose. However, my heart rejoices there is a Savior whose name is Jesus and He can rescue, free, and redeem. Once again, moms who are new to this Group are hearing about that kind of power and love from their Heavenly Father. They are also learning of strategic ways they can love their children without empowering them. Most importantly, this group encourages moms to find their true identity in Jesus and not in the performance-based standards that often accompany motherhood.

Continue to pray for our Care Groups ministry here at Faith. God is doing a great work to encourage, redeem, and strengthen us. We remain grateful for God’s continued forgiveness of sin, sustaining love, and healing compassion.

Stephen Brannon