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Romans 5:20 teaches s that, “…where sin increased, grace abounded all the more,”. Our lives are constantly being affected by the sin we commit and the sin that is happening to us by others. Though the world we live in is fallen and broken, we believe there is hope and good news in the grace God gives to all who believe. Even when we walk in the dark valleys of life we believe God is with us.

The Care & Counseling Ministry at Faith exists to come alongside people who need the love and grace of God the most. This can happen in a one-on-one relationship or on the context of a small group. All the leadership and church family involved in this ministry are sincere, authentic, and will treat you with judgement-free confidentiality.

God created you and loves you. Jesus died for you and rose again on the third day. The Holy Spirit will lead you into truth and comfort you. There is hope, there is grace – there is forgiveness and healing in a relationship with Jesus.

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What Is Biblical Guidance?
At Faith Baptist we believe the Word of God is more than only a rule book or a book of great stories. The Bible is God’s inerrant and inspired revelation of love and truth. On its pages contains good news and counsel that, when believed and followed, will provide wisdom, healing, and restoration.

If you or a loved one is struggling we are honored to help. A biblical guidance experience at Faith will include the following biblically based interactions:
1) Parakeleo – “to call to one’s side by means of comfort to achieve a specific purpose or goal”
2) Protrepo – “to urge forward, to push on, and to encourage”
3) Noutheteo – “to correct through instruction and warning”
4)Paraineo – “to admonish by way of advising with conformity to Christ-likeness”

Who Does Biblical Guidance at Faith?
God has uniquely gifted men and women on our staff and in our church family. The men and women who are involved in the active biblical guidance at Faith have a variety of experiences and education. Our desire is to connect you with the best man, woman, or couple who will use their experiences and education to equip you with wisdom and lead you to healing and restoration.

How Do I Get Started?
You are invited to contact the church office (901-386-4785) if you believe you are in need of biblical guidance. When you call you will be treated with love and all the details of your story will remain confidential. The Associate Pastor of Care & Counseling and staff will help determine if biblical guidance, discipleship, or a mentoring relationship will be the best means for you to receive wisdom for the purpose of healing and restoration.

After you have reached out to Faith Baptist to begin receiving formal biblical guidance, you will be asked to meet with the Associate Pastor for Care & Counseling. This informal and sincere assessment is our opportunity to hear you story and learn more about you on a personal level. With this new awareness of understanding, we are then most accurately able to help you begin the process of healing and restoration.

Opportunities at Faith include pastoral counseling and formal biblical guidance from compassionate and educated ministers. It is also important to understand all forms of our Care & Counseling Ministry happen in the context of the local church. We are not a store-front counseling group. We do not engage in psychological therapies. This meaning, we ask all non-members to consider attending the weekly ministry of Faith Baptist while engaged in formal biblical guidance at Faith. Healing and restoration are extremely difficult to do while receiving biblical guidance from the leadership of one church while attending another.

Care & Counseling leadership at Faith greatly values the biblical expectations of discipleship. We believe counseling and discipleship are the twin engines which create healing and conformity to Christ.

Biblical Guidance Q&A
How long is a normal session?
A normal session is approximately 60-90 minutes. The session length will vary on who is leading the biblical guidance and the depth of topic.

What is the normal length of a biblical guidance?
A normal length is approximately 6-8 meetings. These meetings might take place in a coffee shop, at the church, or even in a home. “Speed is the culprit of depth” – be prepared to commit to all the time necessary to most fully grasp God’s truth and love for you and your life challenge.

Is there cost for biblical guidance?

Any person is welcome to receive biblical guidance at Faith Baptist Church. We ask all non-members to please pay a small fee of $50 per session.

If you are a member in good standing of the church family at Faith, there is no biblical counseling or biblical guidance fee.

For many people life is filled with wonderful memories and happy experiences. For many more, life isn’t that easy and clean. Life can get messy and people can get hurt. The truth is we have an active enemy – we all face daily temptations and challenges. But there is hope. We believe that hope lies in the love and healing of Jesus Christ which can be found on the pages of Scripture. Our Care Groups are Faith-member led as an environment that is caring, loving, confidential and supportive. Please know these classes exist for our church family and the community with the purpose of personal healing and spiritual restoration. If you would like more information or to sign up to join a class, please call 531-6803 or email Kay: KAYC@MYFAITHBAPTIST.ORG

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The following information contains suggestions of profession Christian counseling options in the area. If you have an immediate medical emergency or are in an unsafe situation, please dial 911.

HeartLife Soul Care
HeartLife Professional Soul Care is a not-for-profit organization that provides Memphis counseling. HeartLife is comprised of Christian professionals who are committed to providing counseling on a spiritual, emotional and relational model with excellence.

Christian Psychological Center
The mission of CPC is to provide hope and direction in a manner that reflects God’s love and grace to those who are experiencing emotional or relational difficulties or are navigating life transitions.

The following information contains suggestions for possible help with specific and intense addiction crisis. If you have an immediate medical emergency or are in an unsafe situation, please dial 911.

Grace House of Memphis
We, in collaboration with our many community partners, provide a full continuum of long term residential treatment, outpatient treatment, and recovery support services for women.

Crestwyn Behavioral Health
As a leading behavioral health hospital, Crestwyn is steadfast not only in our commitment to providing a tranquil setting that is conducive to healing, but also to ensuring that we deliver the very latest in evidence-based treatment modalities available. Our range of care includes services from crisis stabilization to residential care with separate tracks for adolescents and adults.

Serenity Recovery Centers
Serenity provides comprehensive treatment services for alcoholism/addiction and co-occurring disorders. Services are gender specific and focus on clinical needs, relapse prevention, spiritual concepts and life skills.