Reaching Bartlett And Beyond For Christ

Faith Journey Classes

Whether you are new to the community are have recently been led to find a new church home, we want to invite you to become a member of Faith Baptist Church. Being sincerely committed and actively involved in a local community of Christians is paramount to the health of our relationship with Jesus. It is in community we grow in the maturity of our faith by spending time studying the Bible together, praying together and holding one another accountable. Our church family is also a great place to experience healthy Christian fellowship.

The Faith Journey Class is a required part our new member process. We believe wholeheartedly it is a valuable endeavor by our new members. A Faith Journey Class starts every other month of the year. Each class is made of four sessions. Each session lasts an hour and uses a variety of multimedia resources and interaction.

2020 Schedule

The first session of four, we take the time to better understand the “ins and outs” of who we are as a church family. Dr. Danny Sinquefield, our Senior Pastor, shares from his heart and describes our characteristics and priorities. The session also includes an overview of our ministries and thorough details of our heart as a church.

In this session, we spend time teaching an in-depth understanding of what we believe about the Bible, God, our function as a church and the details of being Southern Baptist. This session is very interactive with opportunity for questions and discussion.

Many members in churches do not have strong confidence in their identity in Christ or their spiritual gifts. This session gives the chance for new members to participate in a spiritual gifts inventory that then highlights for and often educates a person on their specific passions.

Having previously established our identity in Christ as preeminent and our understanding of who we are as a church extremely valuable, we are then able to see where it is God is calling us to serve. This session takes time to make new members aware of platforms and opportunities to fulfill The Great Commission through Faith Baptist.