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Grief Loss Gathering

We recently held a night of grief, encouragement, and love at the Loss of a Spouse gathering. Twelve adults ranging in ages and representing a variety in stages of grief, met upstairs in room 205 for the GriefShare event hosted by Pastor Stephen. While there is no magic wand that can erase the pain and heartache of grief, our time together on Sunday night was a chance to hear the stories of others, be equipped to better handle and battle grief, and spend time praying for one another.

The thirty-five-minute DVD was hosted by a man and woman whose husband and wife died in an earlier season of life. Throughout the video, counselors and pastors shared encouraging reminders from the Scriptures. No technique or approach to grief is complete without a foundation built on the truth of God’s love and providence. Approximately ten to twelve widows and widowers told their story on the video. Not only did they share encouraging stories, but they were also able to share what they had personally learned and experienced. Their testimonies were a blessing of encouragement and often as simply as educational to those gathered in the room.

Tissues were in steady use as many grieved anew the passing of their loved one. Yet there was also a hope in the air that God is with us and will sustain anyone who is in a season of grief. Whether it was a widow whose husband passed four weeks ago or a widow whose husband went to be with the Lord four years ago, each person in attendance committed to trusting God with their pain. We also learned there is not perfect way to grieve, but there is a personal way to grieve. One of the greatest enemies of grief is the “shoulds and should nots”. That little voice that whispers, “You should feel this way” or “You know you shouldn’t feel that way” can be a real hindrance to healing. It is also extremely freeing to know that you are able to feel hurt, pain, disappointment, and even frustration without losing your faith – there is no correlation between the two – emotions and faith. Because you have emotions, that does not make you a “bad Christian.” God is big enough and loving enough to hear all your emotions and feelings and continue to love you through them.

If you are reading his blog and are battling grief or know a loved one who is, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at Faith Baptist. Please call our Care & Counseling Ministry office at 531-6803 or email

Our next GriefShare event is Surviving the Holidays on Sunday night November 11 at 6:00pm.