Reaching Bartlett And Beyond For Christ

Over the past 25 years Faith has been committed to taking the gospel to the nations! Faith has had the opportunity to partner with indigenous pastors, independent missionaries, church planters, and send mission teams to assist in the work. Along with indigenous pastors and church planters she has also partnered with the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention to take the gospel message to some of the most remote area’s of the world. Below is a listing of the countries and partnerships Faith has had over the past 25 years. For more information on our International Faith On Mission partnerships please download here.

The following is a list of places we have invested in. Some of the area’s…

South and Central America:
Brazil and the Amazon River Basin, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Ecuador

East Asia:

Germany, Kosovo

South Asia:

South East Asia:

North Africa and Middle East:
Israel and Jordan

Sub Sahara Africa:
Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Nigeria and Ghana