Reaching Bartlett And Beyond For Christ

December 21, 2020

Dear Church Family,

I am writing to share a pressing financial need for one of our most beloved and significant ministries – our camp known as The Grove at Red Oak Lake.

As you know, the Covid-19 pandemic that began in March of this year, took a disastrous toll on all of the scheduled activities at the Grove. What began as a very robust ministry year ahead with a full schedule, quickly became a series of cancellations through the Summer and Fall seasons. These scheduled camps, retreats, and ministry gatherings serve as the revenue stream that supports our camp and allows the Grove to be a “self-sustaining” ministry.

The good news is that 2021 is already full for the Summer schedule of camps and activities at the Grove. The struggle, however, is the lack of resources to sustain the ministry until then. We have a critical need to raise $200,000 to get the camp through May of 2021. This will allow Director Matt Coussan and his team to meet the monthly financial obligations leading up to the camping season.

The “Miracle of Camp Cordova” was a legendary moment for us at Faith as we raised the resources needed to purchase the camp initially. This is now another “moment in time” for us to trust the Lord for this amazing ministry.

I am asking our church family to prayerfully consider making a sacrificial gift to help us meet this financial need. Please join us as we link hearts together and share our mutual love for this amazing ministry. Every gift, small or large, is significant and deeply appreciated. You can simply write a check to Faith Baptist Church and designate it “for the Grove” or do the same with our online giving through the church website.

Thank you, church family, for your gracious gift at this very important time. We will keep the church posted on our progress toward reaching the $200,000 goal.

Danny Sinquefield, Pastor