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Trunk or Treat 2018 A Huge Success

Trunk or Treat: Turning Plan B in to Plan A

The morning of October 31st a decision had to be made: cross our fingers and hope that the forecasted rain held off long enough for us to have our community Trunk or Treat event, or move the entire thing into the gym. The storms seemed too likely to be ignored, so a team of people came together to begin preparing for a massive logistical change that would transform the gym into a place that thousands in the community would be able to enjoy. Thanks to help from the Facilities, Media, and Next Gen teams, the gym was transformed into a well-organized, festive, and fun environment for Trunk or Treat to proceed despite rain. The night turned out to be of the most fun on record as grateful families from around the Bartlett area came in droves to enjoy a dry and fun family evening. Thank you to all the many volunteers who came together to make it a night to remember!